Live and In-person Evening & Weekend Classes From Your Home or Office!



"A Happy Child" Co-parenting Course.  This course is offered via live webinar for those of you who are required to take the course in-person.  For those who are concerned if this class will qualify as an in person class, yes, it will.  If your circuit specifies 'no distance learning' then you would need to find your closest physical location .  Click below to schedule your class now.    


Intensive Co-Parenting Intervention

This intensive 3 hour class is for people who have had enough dysfunction in their co-parenting relationship and want to get back to life.  You may have already taken your mandatory co-parenting class, and that's okay.  This is a great booster to that class.   Be prepared to participate fully, because we have a lot of work to do and a short amount of time to do it in.  A perfect way to press the "reset" button on your co-parenting relationship.     


Co-Parenting Coaching

Do you feel like you're stuck in a nightmare?  Is your life in a perpetual rut?  Can you remember the last time you felt real joy?  Let us help you through this transition.  Our coaching approach is personalized to your needs.  Because of our focus on empowerment through education, we can identify where the hooks are that are holding you in your cycle of dysfunction, helping you achieve remarkably quick results.