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About Us


Co-parenting can be the most stressful part of any split.  Parents are in turmoil, life isn't working out the way that they planned.  Is it possible to lose the intimate relationship with one another but still preserve the family?  Absolutely!  We are here for You.  

Our Approach


Our educational approach focuses on the rights and needs of the children involved in the split by educating parents of their impact on their children,  families and communities.  By getting out of their own myopic view, parents can turn the tide in their co-parenting relationship, making positive outcomes possible for the whole family.

Why Us?


 Take advantage of our expertise and decades of personal and professional experience.   Navigating this transition can bring swirling emotions to the surface making you feel like your life is out of control.  Our educational approach helps by  simplifying the situation down to what is truly important, your children.  All of the dysfunction that happened within your intimate relationship does not have to control your co-parenting relationship.